Here you will find general information about electric motors and motors specifically made for drones. If you are looking to find motors for your drone look in the subsections, brushed and brushless and then under motor sizes.





This tutorial explains the basics of mini quad motor: the construction, design features and other factors that can affect the performance and efficiency of a motor. This will help you choose the optimal and effective motor for your next quadcopter and racing drone build.














The brushless motor The motors of your drone is what your propellers are connected to which cause them to spin around and generate thrust to enable your drone to fly. In the case of fixed wing airraft, the motors generate a forward thrust to push your plan forwards through the air. In the case of multirotors, the motors generate upwards thrust which keep your drone such as a quadcopter flying. Without going into too many technical details this guide will cover the baiscs of what you need to…
How to choose the right motor for your multicopter drone
This small guide is to help you choose the right motor for your quadcopter or other multirotor. To help you with this decision, it would be desirable to have several test statistics at your disposal which can be found in the thrust data tables. Luckily, reputable manufacturers will have carried out these necessary tests so you don?t have to and these will provide you with the needed information. An example of one such thrust data table for a MT1806 is given below: If you are totally unfamil…



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